Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rice's Landing,Pa Bicentennial Mural

Those of us old farts who remember the 1976 Bicentennial celebrations that took place around the nation remember what an awesome time it was to be a kid.Rice's Landing,Pa was no different.Your biggest concerns were bicycles,baseball and going to Journic's store for penny candy and a bottle of pop.
That summer,the town held a week long celebration of our country's 200th birthday.It was the begining of what became the annual "Riverfest".Unlike the weekend long party on the lockwall,this celebration was a town-wide party.There were hog roasts in the park,chicken roasts at the athletic club and a "almost anything goes" (based on a popular tv show at the time)obsticale course at the baseball feild across from the American Legion.There were flea markets,skateboard races and all kinds of food and music on the lockwall.It was awesome.I plan a bigger blog with tons of pictures on this soon,but today's focus is on the mural.
The mural on the right needs attention too.

Painted by Rice's Landing resident Clarence Rager.The mural was painted on the retaining wall going down the hill toward the river.It is/was a picture of an eagle perched on a branch with the Monongahela River in the background.It was cool because it remained after the celebration ended,something the town could keep.
As you can imagine,time and spray paint has taken its toll on the mural.It still exists,but needs help.Evan,Danielle and I personally volunteer to kick off the restoration.We're seeking out high quality pictures of the mural when new.I'm going to speak to the council and get permission to restore the mural.I think the people or Rice's Landing would like to see it come back...Let us know what you think and if you would want to help.Look for more updates here and on the facebook page!

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