Friday, November 13, 2009

Minor Updates

Spoke with Uncle Biff who believes the Crucible Ferry might still be laying in the mud down at the old landing.Uncle Biff operated the Fredricktown Ferry for many years,even during the filming of Maria's Lovers.The river seems a bit low,so I'll check this out.

Spoke with Chris who believes an additional entrance to the Underwood mine may be nearby on his property.We're gonna explore this asap.

The old Pt Marion/Greene County bridge is slated to blast into the Mon at 9am Monday morning.I will do my best to be on hand to cover the demo.

1 comment:

  1. Marias Lovers is one of my favorites basically for the location filming.
    I will also check about the Ferry, I bike down there a lot and really do not think it is still there. Maybe Iwill check w/ my barber, he knows quite a lot about local history.....PS....I might be in this Mon, perhaps I will see you at the remainder of the Pt. Marion bridge downing.